What Does Acupuncture Have To Do With A Cozy Mystery?

Woo Hoo! My newest book, Murder at the Clinic, was just published. This is the second book in the Midwest Cozy Mystery Series. Here’s the link: getBook.at/Clinic I’ve priced it at an intro price of just $.99. As always, reviews are very much appreciated. They’re the lifeblood for authors and advertising!
I was actually at my acupuncturist for a low back treatment – too much time spent writing on the computer – when the idea for this book came to me. Hope you enjoy the read as much as I enjoyed the write!
Kat Denham, a popular author of steamy romance novels, has decided to write a book in a different genre. She has a friend who’s a doctor of acupuncture, has just lost over one hundred pounds, is getting married in mid-life for the first time to a doctor, and seems like the perfect role model for the protagonist in Kat’s soon-to-be-written book. But fate intervenes when Kat happens to be at the acupuncture clinic when a patient, Sandy Hendrick, mysteriously dies. Suddenly Kat is involved in a murder mystery she has to solve to save her reputation and that of her friend, Mitzi.

Who was the murderer? Was it Mitzi, Kat’s acupuncturist? Or was it a doctor from the clinic who desperately wants Mitzi discredited, so he’ll be named the Assistant Dean of Acupuncture? Then there’s Sandy’s philandering husband, Matt, and Mitzi’s fiancee’s ex-girlfriend. Or was it the clinic’s receptionist, Rochelle? Will the sting Kat devises to help catch the murderer work? And what part does Kat’s guard dog, Rudy, play?

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