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I don’t think anything pleases an author more than to receive a note like the following one. Louise definitely received the message I was trying to get across in my latest book, ALEXIS. Thanks, Louise! It’s at an introductory price of $.99. Here’s the link:

“I am on chapter 29 and forced myself to put it down during lunch so that I can finish it on the train ride home. I love this book, the characters and the positive theme of Alexis’ journey. Thank you for this series because it gives hope and inspiration to people facing all sorts of challenges in their lives. Can’t wait for the next installment.”

One of my favorite authors, Sarah Mallery, has a new release. I think I’ve read everything she’s ever written and she’s a superb author. I highly recommend this one!

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What do a well-bred Southern Belle and a Northern working class Pinkerton detective have in common? Espionage . . . and romance. At the start of the U.S. Civil War, while young men begin dying on American battlefields and slavery is headed toward its end, behind the scenes, female undercover work and Pinkerton intelligence are alive and well. But in the end, can this unlikely Romeo and Juliet couple’s love survive, or will they be just another casualty of war?

A Little Back Story

I knew going in, I would be writing about a Confederate female spy, that was a given. Just learning about those women who performed espionage from BOTH sides of the American Civil War was like watching several great movies! Then I suddenly thought, wait a minute. What could be better than to have my character fall in love with a man immersed in a polar opposite framework––a northern Pinkerton detective?  Using that premise, it would be more than just a simple love story. It could become the slow unfolding of a cat-and-mouse game.

Having already done some reading about the famous––or infamous, depending on whose side you were on in 1861––Rose O’Neal Greenhow, I decided to place my main character, Hannah Mayfield, right smack dab in the middle of this woman’s powerful female spy ring.

Interestingly, although the widow Rose had lived in Washington for years, she refused to move or give up her southern Antebellum leanings after Lincoln was elected in 1860. In fact, she thrived on them. She managed to set up a full-blown forty plus female spy network, along with a ‘super list’ of high-end, sometimes U.S. government-involved male accomplices.

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