New Release!

Woo Hoo! Murder in Calistoga is now available at the intro price of $.99. Here’s the link:  If for some reason that doesn’t work (and I have found that happens sometimes with a new release) here’s another Kindle ink:
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When Nikki Evans is murdered in the sauna at the Serenity Hotel and Spa on opening day, Judy Rasmussen’s dream of owning a premiere hotel and spa in Calistoga, California, turns into a nightmare.
Her friend, Liz Lucas, an amateur sleuth who’s come to the hotel and spa for the opening weekend, has to find the killer before the new hotel and spa’s chances for success are ruined by the bad publicity the murder will bring.
The murder victim was a guest at the spa and part of a group of five women who are there for a college reunion. But who would want the reunion attendee dead? And what is the motive? Was it her college roommate, who’d never forgotten what Nikki had said about her years ago? Was it her husband, who resented that he had to use her inherited money to pay back the company he’d embezzled from? Was it the winemaker who wanted Judy’s property, so he could grow more grapes? Or was it the owner of La Spa, who didn’t want any new competition?
Join Liz and her big boxer guard dog, Winston, as they try to catch the killer, but will they succeed?

Award Winning Author in the Mystery & Suspense genre