New Release – ALEXIS

So many people have contacted me regarding the leading characters in my cozy mysteries to tell me how much they enjoy reading about people in midlife. I ‘vethought about it a lot and for many years I’ve felt that there’s a big void of books for baby boomers and women who experience midlife changes, like the death of a spouse, divorce, infidelity, aging parents, children leaving home, career changes, etc.

My new Midlife Journey Series will deal with all of those issues and the first book in it, ALEXIS, was just published. Here’s the link: While it doesn’t have a murder mystery in it, it certainly has elements of a cozy mystery plus a healthy dose of dogs and romance! I hope you enjoy the read as much as I enjoyed the write.


Here’s a little bit about it.

“Look at this way, you’re going to be an entirely new person.”

          “I didn’t know there was anything wrong with the person I am right now,” Alexis said coldly. And so, at age fifty-two her midlife journey begins.

When her boss and his wife give Alexis weight loss surgery as an early Christmas bonus, it sets in motion a string of events no one could have foreseen. With the surgery comes the realization that anything is possible from losing weight, working out, a complete makeover, a new wardrobe, to men in her life for the first time. Each step is terrifying as time after time she’s forced to get out of her comfort zone because of all of the changes taking place.

           When the Alexis package becomes more appealing it brings with it an exotic sports car, a glamorous face and body, and a chance at love. But when the ex-wife of the man she falls in love with wants to reconcile with him, Alexis’ hard-fought midlife victory becomes a nightmare, and she resorts to returning to what used to work when she didn’t want to deal with her feelings – food. Is she doomed to live a life of unhappiness or is there a happy ever after for her?

           You can’t read about Alexis’ trials and tribulations without rooting for her every step of the way. Although her midlife journey forces her to come to terms with a lifetime of being overweight, her struggles dealing with changes in midlife is one every woman will face in one form or another. This is Alexis’ midlife journey.         

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