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I’ve become fascinated by cozy mysteries and am in the process of writing one. Naturally, I’m doing a lot of reading in this genre. I recently read Cupid’s Curse by Kathi Daley and loved it. I contacted her and asked if she would write something for the blog. She generously agreed and here it is. How cute is this cover? Enjoy!


To answer a few of the questions you asked, Dianne, as for the back story on this particular book, I publish a book a month and try to take advantage of holidays when I can. This book is set at Thanksgiving. I grew up in a situation much like that which is demonstrated in my books. Small town, big family, mom who was holiday crazy. We were the house that was always decorated and the family that had so many traditions that we were immersed in each holiday from the beginning of the month to the end. My books simply share this feeling of small town cozy. And no we never really had any murders at all let alone one a month.
I never plot my stories and never know where they are going when I start writing. I rarely know who the victim is and have only written one book where I knew the murderer before I wrote it. I just sit down and think, “Okay it’s Thanksgiving what is going on?” Once I have that first paragraph I just keep writing until it’s done. I know this isn’t much of an answer as to the backstory of the book but, beyond this, there really isn’t one.
The description states: When the cat lady of Ashton Falls is found dead in her home just days before Thanksgiving, Zoe must track down a killer while dealing with a house full of socialites who have come to Ashton Falls to bid on Zak in a high class bachelor auction.
I came up with this concept because at the end of Haunted Hamlet – (the Zoe Donovan before this one) we find out that Zak (Zoe’s boyfriend) is going to be entered into a bachelor auction and I wanted to showcase cats since most of the books are dog heavy. Zoe owns a wild and domestic animal rescue and rehabilitation shelter so there are always lots of animals but I felt like the dogs had been running the show.
Here is the link to the book.

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Come for the murder, stay for the romance.

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If you like the genre, you can’t go wrong with her books! Highly recommend them.

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