Bulldogs and Books

Not sure if this is a good thing. I’m writing a book about an animal shelter and there’s a little bulldog puppy in it I named Max. Long story short – I now have appointments to see three different bulldog puppies! To say that my husband is not particularly thrilled with the thought of a puppy who looks like Winston Churchill coming to reside here permanently may be an understatement, to say nothing of our boxer who’s just out of the puppy stage! Stay tuned.
I want to tell you about a new series. I’ll be publishing the first book, Alexis, in the next couple of weeks. I’m calling it the Midlife Journey Series. So many of you have written thanking me for writing books about people who are in the midlife phase, rather than just starting out. The more I’ve thought about it, the more I realize that most people’s lives do change when they’re in their middle years. Certainly they often have to deal with the death of a loved one, divorce, aging parents, children leaving home, and for women, often the loss of a job to a younger person, and a lot of other things. Alexis, the woman in the first book in the series has to deal with making the decision to lose the weight that has been both a shield and the cause of deep unhappiness all of her life. The books in the series will have repeating characters, but each book will  deal with an issue women of a certain age have had to face. I’m really looking forward to writing this series.
Now to promotions and authors I want to introduce you to. First of all, I know from the response I had to an audio giveaway I did a couple of months ago, that a number of you really like audio books. Here’s a promotion dealing exclusively with audio books. Good luck! Here’s the link: https://AuthorsXP.com/giveaway

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