Book Bargains!

I don’t think there’s anything better than reading a book by a warm fire in winter time. Granted, here in Southern California rainy days are few and far between, but this last week we had more rain than we’ve had in twenty years. Lots of fires and lots of books!
Want to share the cover of a book that will be published, probably in the next week. Waiting for the print copy so I can make sure all the gremlins that I don’t find on the computer are taken care of. The title is Murder in Calistoga. It takes place in Napa Valley, California, a premier wine region with lots of spas. This is a combination of the two. I’ve visited several of the spas in the area, and my daughter-in-law is not only a wine connoisseur, she’s taken numerous courses on wine and is one of the few people in the United States who has passed the rigorous three day exam on French wine. I’ve been wine tasting with her, but alas, I’m hopeless! I like it or I don’t and believe me, I never got the taste of smoky whatever or a hint of some fruit she tells me is in the wine. Here’s the cover. 
Trouble at the Animal Shelter is still available for just $.99, but the price will go up to $2.99 beginning next week. Might want to pick it up at the lower price! And again thanks for making this book so popular. Here’s the link:
Starting today, and through this Saturday, 1/28, I’ve put Murder at the Cooking School on sale for $.99. My husband and I went to Tuscany and attended a cooking school for a week. It was wonderful, although thankfully, no murders took place while we were there. It’s a Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery with Kelly and Mike on a belated honeymoon. They just didn’t know they’d have to solve a murder on their honeymoon. As always, plenty of dogs, food, recipes and quirky characters. Here’s the link: Enjoy and have a wonderful week!

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