Before Hillary and Donald!

My husband spent twelve years in the California Legislature as an Assemblyman and then as a Senator. During that time we entertained fellow Legislators, Governors, Congressmen, presidential hopefuls, and people of all political persuasions. Towards the end of my husband’s final term, I wrote two books pretty much based on my position as a “political insider.” For many months they were best sellers. I retired them two years ago when there wasn’t much interest in politics.
Many people suggested that I republish them and today I did. Tea Party Teddy and Tea Party Teddy’s Legacy tell the story of a man who becomes consumed by politics and what the cost ultimately is as well as the legacy he leaves. Here’s the link for Tea Party Teddy and this was way before Ted Cruz! The link for Tea Party Teddy’s Legacy is Just to warn you, while there’s no gore in them they’re not as flinch friendly as my cozy mysteries. Enjoy!
0[1]TPTL Cover KDP #2

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