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I draw my stories and characters from a diverse business and personal background. I owned a national antique and art appraisal business for many years. I left that industry and opened two yoga centers, where I taught yoga and certified yoga instructors. I have traveled extensively throughout the world, and live in Huntington Beach, California, with my husband, Tom, a former California Senator and my six month old puppy, Kelly.

An avid reader, I bring the richness of my life experiences to my Coyote Series novels, Blue Coyote Motel, a quarter finalist in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award contest, a Goodreads Psychological Thriller and e-thriller Book of the Month, Coyote in Provence, and Cornered Coyote.  Other awards include being finalists in the prestigious CLUE awards contest.

The series span the globe from the barrios of Santa Ana, California to the Himalayas. They follow Maria, and her husband, Jeffrey, who’s fired from a prestigious scientific laboratory for giving her an anti-aging hormone, as they open the Blue Coyote Motel in a remote Southwest desert area. The books tell the story of his descent into madness, her escape to Provence, and how she falls in love with a handsome Los Angeles Police Department Art Theft Detective. He convinces her to return to the United States where she’s arrested and stands trial. Will she spend the rest of her life in prison? Insanity, aging, substance abuse, courtroom drama, food, art, Mafia, to name a few!

My love of cooking, food, and mystery led to the Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series and the Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery Series. In both series there’s lots of food, recipes, and dogs!

I feel very fortunate to have been named by Amazon as one of their most popular authors for the last six months.

My email address is dianne@dianneharman.com and here are some other links you may be interested in:

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Twitter: @DianneDHarman

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