Simply Wonderful!

I rarely if ever post reviews or fan mail. Maybe I’m modest, but I doubt people want to hear how much others like my books. All that said, I do have to share an email I received last night because it’s such a wonderful testimonial to we’re never too old! I believe it, because I’m 72 and every time I publish a new book within days it will be in the top 400 Kindle sold books or even lower! Here’s the email I received. Remember, if the two of can do it at our ages, so can you!!!

“I am an almost 77-year-old forensic psychologist who is still working. I live on 60 acres in the country alone with 7 cats (the last 4 are strays; I am a soft touch). My late husband was also a forensic psychologist and we were skeptics in the days of the crazy ritual abuse and recovered memory hysteria. When I retire I want to write my memoirs of these cases.
I don’t watch television and unwind and relax by reading my kindle.
I am writing to tell you how much I enjoy your books. The characters are interesting, the mysteries well done, and you have romance without the long and graphic sex scenes I often find. I am no prude–my specialty is sexual abuse allegations. But I find the detailed sex scenes boring.
Congratulations on finding such a fun and worthwhile outlet for your considerable talent.”
Hollida Wakefield


Hot Off the Press!

Excited to let you know that Murdered by Country Music has just been published! This third book in the very popular High Desert Cozy Mystery Series will be available for two weeks at the sale price of 99c. If you’ve ever been interested in what goes on at music festivals, might want to read this one. The only thing mollies, Fireball whiskey, music, food trucks, second chances, and quirky characters share is murder! So whodunnit? Here’s the link: Enjoy!


Also want to let you know that today, May 20th, I’m having a one day sale for the cozy best seller, Murdered by Words. This is the first book in a new series, the Midwest Cozy Mystery Series. Sexy Cissy is outed and her editor murdered! As of a few minutes ago, it was still #1 on all of the cozy category Hot New Releases. Might want to find out why people like this book so much. Here’s the link: Enjoy!


Happy Weekend!

Last Day at $.99!

Good morning!
Just wanted to remind you that today is the last day to buy Murdered by Words for $.99. People love this new Midwest Series. It was published just two weeks ago and for the last 10 days it’s been ranked between 198-240 in Paid Kindle which is pretty much nosebleed territory. Obviously I’m thrilled! Guess people want to find out why Sexy Cissy was outed and why her editor was murdered. And did I mention there are dogs, food, and recipes? And if you’re a baby boomer or know one, there’s hope here for romantic second chances. Here’s the link:  Enjoy!
In about two weeks I’ll be releasing Murdered by Country Music. This is in the High Desert Series. The story came about when I was at a physical therapist’s office, and the people around me started talking about an upcoming music festival they were going to in a couple of months. Mollies? Fireball whiskey? Who knew? Not me. Naturally I was fascinated, and a book was birthed! Wanted to share the cover because, quite simply, I love it!
Have a wonderful week!
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