Happy Sunday!

Announcing this week’s Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series winner: Paulette Fritz. Please email me at dianne@dianneharman.com and send me your address. Again, congratulations!
Christmas is coming, and since I personally love to give print books as gifts, thought I’d see if I could reduce the price of mine, so you can give them as gifts. Have successfully reduced the price of Murder in Cottage #6 by $3.00. When you check out, use the coupon T9R6HNLG. I’m working on reducing all of my print books. I’ll let you know when the others will be available. It takes a few days. 
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Thanksgiving Weekend News!

FREE today! Murder at Calico Gold plenty of dogs & food getBook.at/Calico This is #6 in the Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series. Enjoy! Didn’t want you to miss it!

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Plus – here’s a sneak peek at my latest book which should be out in about two weeks, Murder at the Secret Cave.

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Here’s a synopsis:

 Who killed Randy Jones?

Was it Dr. Rosenbaum, who would do anything to get the Native American artifacts he desperately needed to add to his collection? Was it Richard Sagebrush, a Native American whose one goal in life was to return stolen artifacts to their rightful tribes? Was it Randy’s son, Luke Peterson, who was still angry his father had abandoned him forty years ago? Was it Colin Sanders, who dealt in black market Native American artifacts? Or even Mary BirdSong, the woman who had lived for ten years with Randy in his rundown desert shack until one day, without any explanation, he kicked her out?

Randy Jones was an old desert rat with a secret collection of Native American artifacts that was worth millions, but can you put a price on an illegal collection? That’s the dilemma Marty Morgan finds herself in when Randy asks her to appraise his collection, but the meeting leads to more than an appraisal – it becomes a meeting that ends in murder – Randy’s.

Join Marty, her boyfriend Detective Jeff Combs, her psychic sister, Laura, and her black Labrador, Duke, who refuses to set foot on desert sand without his pink booties, as they search for the killer before he murders Marty. Another dilemma Marty faces is deciding whether she wants her relationship with Jeff to go to the next level.

Murder and the Secret Cave is another mouth-watering High Desert Cozy Mystery with recipes included.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Here Comes The Holiday Giveaway!

Harman & Burke Holiday Giveaway!

WELCOME! It’s the holiday season so why not celebrate with a giveaway?







GO TO RAFFLECOPTER USING THE RAFFLECOPTER LINK BELOW…You will need to enter your email address and two special words, one found on each of our blogs!

 How do you find the special words?

  1. You’re already on my blog and: My favorite thing about the holidays is family.

  2. Go to VISITING ANNA CELESTE BURKE’S BLOG @ http://www.desertcitiesmystery.com/#!blog/c1dh1 All I want for the holidays is (her special word)

  3. Then click on the Rafflecopter link: https://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/cb93d3c23/?     Follow the instructions and enter the two words you have found

Why choose “family” as my special word? I suppose family isn’t a particularly different wish. I’m sure many of you have a number of wishes for family visits, health, happiness, and I want all of those things for my family, and so it’s at the top of my list. Funny, as I’ve gotten older, the list doesn’t even include the material things. Don’t we wish we all would have learned that lesson when we were younger!

 What do you want for the holidays?

 Whatever it is, I hope you get it and that your New Year is the best ever! THANKS for stopping by and for entering the holiday giveaway. Hope you’ll keep an eye out for future giveaways and for new releases from me and other cozy mystery authors to be featured on my blog in the new year. Happy Holidays!

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Weekend Giveaway!

I am so thrilled that in just ten short days you have made my latest book, Murder at the Bed & Breakfast #194 on Amazon’s paid Kindle list. Woohoo! I thank each and every one of you. What I’d like to do is giveaway an ebook of your choice, so if there’s a book of mine that interests you, please put it down in comments and a winner will be chosen Monday morning. Again, thanks!!!

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Dogs and Puppies!


As many of you know, my husband was a California Senator for many years. As you also may know, politics can be ugly and it was! Our house was broken into. Family heirlooms were stolen and we also received death threats. Fun stuff – not!

My husband and his advisers became very concerned for my safety as I often stayed here at our home in Huntington Beach while he was up doing the people’s work in Sacramento. They insisted I get a gun or a dog. Afraid I’d shoot the wrong person if I ever had to use the thing, I opted for a dog. They suggested I get a guard dog. and so I did – a huge brindle boxer I named Rebel. Yes, you’ve read about Rebel in a number of my books. Only difference was that Rebel was a brindle boxer and the Rebel in my books is a fawn.

He and I traveled back and forth to Sacramento. As a matter of fact, he was pretty much with me wherever I went unless my husband was with me. He was a true guard dog. His rear was always pointed at me so he could survey the landscape. When he came in the house he checked every room to make sure it was safe. He never rested until he could fine me and make sure I was safe. Fabulous dog and I loved him dearly!

Unfortunately the time we get to spend with our furry friends is often far too short and so it was with Rebel. After finishing off the grandchildren’s ice cream bowls one night, he suffered a massive heart attack and died in our arms. Have tears just writing about it!

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Fast forward a year later. Time for a new pet. I knew I could never replace Rebel, so I opted for a female fawn boxer, rather than a male brindle boxer. What to name her? I did a post on Facebook and asked if anyone had a suggestion. I received a lot of them, but the one that stuck was Joe’s. He said “It’s a no brainer. Kelly’s Koffee Shop is such a best seller, you should name her Kelly.” And so I did.

We chose her from a breeder’s litter. She was the pick of the litter. We saw the mom and the dad, both beautiful big boxers. Somehow Kelly missed the part about growing up to be the size of her parents. She’s about half their size and almost a year old. Don’t think she’s going to have a growth spurt at this time.

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And a guard dog she is not. Hummingbirds, butterflies, and anything that makes a noise is a reason to run in the house! Good thing the political days are over, and my husband’s home all the time! Her saving grace is her sweetness and she definitely qualifies for cute points!

If there’s a lesson to be learned I suppose it’s to love whatever and whoever you have for the time you have them, and then share that love with someone or something else. So, I would have to say that Dianne is grateful for Kelly!



Scavenger Hunt This Week!

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This is the week for the Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt.
The goal – to find the four secret words. The clues will be provided in Dianne’s newsletter on November 16, Dianne’s Blog on November 19, Kathi’s newsletter on November 18, and Kathi’s Blog on November 20.
The clue will be somewhere in the text and will be in the following format:
Kathi is grateful for ___________ . The word that comes after for is the word you enter into the rafflecopter.
Here is the link to the rafflecopter: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/df645d05156/?
Here are the links you will need:
Dianne’s Blog: http://dianneharman.com/blog/
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