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When Life Gives You Lemons, Write a Book

Amy Metz

I am a huge fan of Amy Metz,, and I was honored when she agreed to write a guest post. If you’re not familiar with her books, it’s something that needs to be put on the top of your “to-do” list! I promise you won’t be disappointed. Simply wonderful!

Without further ado, here’s Amy…

I’m often asked how I got started writing, especially since I didn’t begin until my late forties. The short answer is it was a result of a perfect storm. But like all writers, I like a long story. So grab some sweet tea and I’ll tell you how my perfect storm was formed.

First, I love living in the South. The tight-knit families, the feeling of community, the friendliness of the people, and the colorful characters are just some of the things, I think, that make the South so special. I love writing all those aspects of life into my books.

There is not one distinct accent of a Southerner and certainly not all Southerners have one, but in my head, I hear my characters (who live in Tennessee) talking with an inflection that’s as country as cornflakes. “How are you” becomes “Hireyew?” “Jeet yet?” means “Did you eat yet?” An “hour” is an “ahr.” Nascar is popular, but someone could also be talking about a “nice car.”

And then there is the southern-speak. I love the idioms or expressions, and I use so many of them in my Goose Pimple Junction series, some people started calling them “goosepimpleisms.” Southern-speak is nothing other than saying something simple in a colorful way. Some would answer the question “How are you?” with “Fine.” But “If I were doing any better, I’d have to hire someone to help me enjoy it,” not only is more colorful, it leaves no question as to the wellness of the individual.  If your mother warns you not to do something or she’ll “be on you like white on rice,” you’d best be minding your mama. It can be hot out, or it can be so hot you “could pull a baked potato out of the ground.” Now that’s hot! Sometimes I’m busy, but sometimes I’m “busier than a moth in a mitten.” You could call someone ugly, or even better, you could say, “She looks like she made an ugly pie and ate every slice.” I could go on, but you get the point. Southerners are colorful characters and I love writing about them.

I grew up hearing stories about my ancestors and two to those stories included murders, one of which was never solved. It saddened and fascinated me that a man in his thirties with a wife and four children could be found dead in his car on the side of the road just outside a small town and the killer was never caught. I remember thinking as a little girl that someone ought to write a book about it. I never dreamed it would be me, but it was – it just took me forty plus years.

Six years ago, my mother was diagnosed with dementia and I became her caretaker. I needed an escape from real life. I needed to laugh. And I really wanted to tell the story of my father’s uncle who was murdered in 1935. So I began writing and the characters took over. When I was done, I had written Murder & Mayhem in Goose Pimple Junction. And I kept writing.

So, that’s my perfect storm and the long answer to “How did you get started writing?” I combined my love for a good Southern phrase and my love for colorful characters and my love for small-town Southern life with a real-life murder that I wanted to solve (at least fictionally), and a real life I wanted to escape. These days my real life is better, but I love spending time in Goose Pimple Junction with my characters. The town is one in which I want to live, and the characters are the kind of people I want as friends and neighbors. To use a goosepimpleism, life in Goose Pimple Junction is better than dew right off a honeysuckle. I’d be pleased if you stopped in a spell.

About Murder & Mayhem in Goose Pimple Junction

When Tess Tremaine starts a new life in the colorful town of Goose Pimple Junction, curiosity leads her to look into a seventy-five-year-old murder. Suddenly she’s learning the foreign language of southern speak, resisting her attraction to local celebrity Jackson Wright, and dealing with more mayhem than she can handle.

A bank robbery, murder, and family tragedy from the 1930s are pieces of the mystery that Tess attempts to solve. As she gets close to the truth, she encounters danger, mystery, a lot of southern charm, and a new temptation for which she’s not sure she’s ready.

About Heroes & Hooligans in Goose Pimple Junction

Goose Pimple Junction is just recovering from a kidnapping and a murder, its first major crimes in years, when trouble begins anew. Life is turned upside down in the quirky little Southern town with the arrival of several shifty hooligans: A philandering husband intent on getting his wife back, another murderer loose in town, a stalker intent on frightening Martha Maye, and a thief who’s stealing the town blind of their pumpkins, pies, and peace. Together, they’re scaring the living daylights out of the residents and keeping the new police chief busier than a set of jumper cables at a redneck picnic. Suddenly, he has his hands full trying to apprehend a killer, stop a stalker, and fight his feelings for the damsel in distress.

About the author

Amy Metz is the mother of two sons and a daughter-in-law, who, if they were books, would be bestsellers. Amy is a former first grade teacher, professional volunteer, and full-time mother. Her debut novel, Murder & Mayhem In Goose Pimple Junction, is the first in a humorous southern mystery series, and Heroes & Hooligans in Goose Pimple Junction is book 2. Amy’s passions are writing, photography, reading, and her children and granddogs. She lives in Louisville, Kentucky.







Coyote in Provence Giveaway

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a giveaway for Coyote in Provence. A well-known blogger recently asked me if I’d do one because she thought it was one of the best books she’d read. I realized I’ve been so caught up in my two cozy mystery series, The Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series and the Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery Series, that I’ve neglected the Coyote Series. Time to fix it!

I’ll be giving away two e-book copies of Coyote in Provence. You can enter by posting a comment and signing up for the newsletter. If you’ve already signed up for it, just leave a comment. The contest will end at midnight on Tuesday, June 30th. Good luck and as always, thanks for your support!


Doing a Happy Dance!

Time for a Happy Dance! For the sixth month in a row I have been named as an All-Star by Amazon for being one of their most popular authors!  Woohoo!
To you, my loyal readers. a big thank you!  Two of my books, Murder in the Pearl District and Murder in Cottage #6, have been named as All-Stars by Amazon for sales. Wearing a big smile!
Again, a sincere thanks to each and every one of you for making this happen! I kind of feel like Sallie Fields years ago when she accepted the Oscar and said something like, “You really like me!”


I’m so excited, I decided it’s definitely time for a giveaway. I’ll be giving away three copies of each book. To enter the contest please post a comment and sign-up for the newsletter if you haven’t already done so. In your comment let me know which book you’d like. The giveaway will end next Tuesday at midnight. Good luck and enjoy!

Example3 (2)Example3 (1)

Have to Share This!

Woohoo! Here’s the cover for my newest book which should be out towards the end of the week – Murder in Calico Gold.
Example2 (2)
Kelly and her husband, Sheriff Mike, take a trip to the small town of Calico Gold, California, after his elderly Aunt Agnes calls and tells him she needs his help and expertise.
The day after Mike finds out Aunt Agnes has made him the sole beneficiary of her large estate, including the Robertson Ranch and the beautiful Queen Anne house on it, she’s murdered.
Aunt Agnes was revered by many of the town residents, but she had her enemies as well. The list of suspects includes a local judge, a real estate developer, a nearby rancher next whose cattle desperately need water from Aunt Agnes’ property, a Vietnam vet who’s recently been evicted from the shack on her property, Mike’s newly discovered cousin, and Sheriff Mike himself, since he has the most to gain from her death.
Join Kelly, Mike, and their dogs Rebel and Lady, as they work to clear Mike’s name and bring the murderer to justice.
This is book #6 in the popular Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series. As in the others, there’s plenty of food, dogs, and recipes

Murder in the Pearl District Giveaway!

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Presenting the Multi-Talented Abby Vandiver!



B & B Bedlam Cover Inked (1)

I’ve read everything that Abby Vandiver has written and obviously I’m a fan. I was thrilled to hear that she had written a cozy mystery, the genre I’m presently writing in. She’s such a good author and so talented I asked her if she’d be willing to do a guest interview so more people would know about her work. Fortunately she agreed and here it is. If you’re unfamiliar with her work, I envy you. That means you get to discover and read her works for the first time. I know you’ll enjoy her writing as much as I do. Without further ado – here’s my friend Abby!

Through her various occupations, Abby discovered her love of writing. She’d always been told she had a gift for telling stories, combining the two, she became an author.

Her debut novel, the mystery/sci-fi, In the Beginning, Book I in the Mars Origin “I” Series was an Amazon #1 bestseller. It was written on a whim, packed away, and rediscovered some twelve years later. After publishing it in 2013, Abby decided to make writing a full-time endeavor. She’s penned four novels since – two additional stand-alone novels to the Mars Origin Series, a historical/women’s fiction novel that she co-wrote under the pen name Kathryn Longino, and her first cozy mystery, Bed & Breakfast Bedlam, Book I in the Logan Dickerson Cozy Mystery Series, another Amazon #1 Bestseller. Abby plans to release Book II and III in her cozy mystery series during the summer of 2015.

Logan Dickerson is an archaeologist who feels she’ll always live in the shadow of her famous mother. To prove her worth, she jumps the fence at a federally protected archaeological site. Not such a good idea. Now she’s on the run from the FBI. Ending up in a small, coastal town in Georgia she discovers that one resident, Gemma Burke, has been found dead, keeled over in her bowl of bouillabaisse. Logan gets all tangled up in a big mystery, (and a little bit of romance), but the fun begins once she falls in cahoots with Miss Vivee, a ninety-something, five-foot-nothing Voodoo herbalist, and owner of a wheaten Scottish terrier named Cat. Of course the elderly sleuth, with Logan’s help, thinks she can solve the murder before the local sheriff can.

Book I in the Logan Dickerson Cozy Mystery Series

Coming Soon in the Series:

Book II: Coastal Cottage Calamity

Book III: Maya Mound Mayhem

Book IV: Garden Gazebo Gabble

Coastal Cottage Cover Inked

Abby, a former lawyer and college professor, has a bachelor’s degree in Economics, a master’s in Public Administration, and a Juris Doctor. A lifetime resident of Cleveland, Ohio, Abby spends all of her time writing and enjoying her three wonderful grandchildren.