Whodunit? is Born!

I’m really excited to be a part of this.



This is a group of cozy mystery authors who have come together to do giveaways and blog. The blog starts tomorrow. Enjoy and there’s a giveaway tomorrow as well!

Brandy Boy Giveaway!

Time for a giveaway!

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Brandy Boy has been out one week and he’s already #2 on cozy animal hot new release and #1 on culinary hot new release. Woohoo! 3 e-books. Contest ends Friday at midnight.

Please go to my facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/dianneharmancozymystery to enter and good luck!

Murder in Cottage #6 Contest

I’m definitely having a day – started out with the power going out, finding out that I have to have two root canals tomorrow, yada, yada. And yet, guess someone figured I was owed!

Just found out that my book, Murder in Cottage #6, is up for the best murder mystery cover. Wow! Didn’t know a thing about it. Could sure use your vote. Thanks ! Just go to: http://ow.ly/Ndf12

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Brandy Boy’s Here!

Have to share good news!

Just released! Murder and Brandy Boy – Can Liz, an amateur sleuth, & her dog Winston solve the the murder of her teen intern chef? Book 2 in the Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery Series – If you enjoyed Murder in Cottage #6, I think you’ll really like this one. And Brandy Boy? He’s simply wonderful! ow.ly/NbygZ

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Amazon All-Star!

Woohoo! Have to share this great news I just received!

Murder in Cottage #6 was named as an Amazon All-Star for April, US and in the United Kingdom, for borrows and sales. http://ow.ly/N8kqV

And as they say in the ads, that’s not all, folks! I was named one of the top selling authors by AmazonExample3 (1) for the fifth month in a row, both in the US and in the United Kingdom. Woohoo!

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An Author’s Life

I’m always told that being an author must be the most exciting thing in the world. For the most part it is. I get to create worlds in my head and then put them to paper. I get emails from people who love my books and ask me when the next one will be published. I get to see money automatically deposited to my checking account. Don’t get me wrong, these are all very good things.

Here’s what people don’t see. It’s 7:15 on a Monday morning and I have a husband who’s recovering from a full knee replacement whose had a few setbacks. As I’ve written before, I have a puppy. So far this morning I have iced my husband’s knee twice, gotten breakfast for him, given him his pills, fed the dog, put the dog out at 5:00 a.m. (the dog won’t go out unless I’m with her – this definitely needs working on!), watered the orange and apricot trees, etc! Not to mention some social media marketing and answering my emails.

Not a word written and I have four chapters in the book I’m writing  with the working title of Murder at the Double Bar X Ranch that are demanding to come out of my head and be put to paper. The Muse was busy in the middle of the night.

So that’s Monday morning. And I just took a picture of the adorable little puppy, Kelly, who came in the house after digging up a potted plant and scattering it throughout the house. Maybe I can get started writing at 7:30!

Here she is – cuter than my husband’s knee! I’m hoping that’s a contrite look, but somehow I doubt it!


Woohoo! Brandy Boy Cover Is Here!

I’m so excited! My book cover designer just sent me the cover I’d asked him to make for Murder and Brandy Boy. Love it and hope you do too. This is the second book in the Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery series.

Brandy Boy, the St. Bernard, saves the day with a little help from Rebel, the boxer, and Liz, the owner of the Red Cedar Spa. The book will be published within the next two weeks.

Doing a Happy Dance!

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Murder in the Pearl District Giveaway!

Just received the print copies for my latest book, Murder in the Pearl District. Please go to https://www.facebook.com/dianneharmancozymystery to enter the contest. I’m giving away three copies and the contest ends Friday at midnight. It’s currently #1 in cozy mystery hot new releases for culinary and animal. Enjoy!

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Writing From The Heart!

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It was with a bit of trepidation I wrote this book, because it was the first in a new series, A Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery. The four books I’d written in the Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series had done exceedingly well, way beyond my expectations. How would a new series do? Should I even try to write books in a different series?

I’d written a book called The Red Cedar Spa twice. Both times the day before it was to be published, I pulled it. I liked it a lot, but it didn’t really fit in any genre. It was based on an experience my daughter-in-law and I had at a spa in British Columbia. We both had facials from the same person. Her skin was beautiful afterwards. Mine was horrible. My face looked like a swollen plum. Even the stewardess on the way home asked what had happened to me. I made up a story in my mind about the facialist hating her mother and taking it out on me. Who knows?

When I started writing cozy mysteries, it came to me. I could create a series around a spa and the first one could incorporate my experience – kind of – with the facial gone bad. It morphed into Murder in Cottage #6, and I’m happy to say that the response has been overwhelming. I’ve had a number of readers write to tell me how much they like the book and asking when the next book in the series will be coming out.

Murder and Brandy Boy – he’s the big St. Bernard that’s on the cover above – will be published within the next couple of weeks. The amateur sleuth, Liz, has a second chance at love after her husband dies. One of the things readers consistently tell me is that it’s so nice to read a book about a middle-aged woman, that most of the books written in the cozy mystery genre feature women who are in their 20’s or 30’s or at the other end of the age spectrum, living in a retirement home.

I’ve had as much fun with this series as I’m still having with the Cedar Bay series. Lots of food and dogs, and those of you who have read my books, know I’m passionate about both.

I hope you enjoy reading about Brandy Boy as much as I enjoyed writing about him!

As always, thanks for your continuing support of my books. Without you, I’m not a writer!